The surprising impact of a bag of carrots.

In what seems to be a theme with this week’s #SmallActionsBigChanges blogs I initially wasn’t sure what to write about, and then it came to me – a bag of carrots! One of the best things about this year for me has been seeing how my local community has reacted to the unexpected challenges weContinue reading “The surprising impact of a bag of carrots.”

The importance of empowerment to my nursing journey

This week I have found myself thinking about empowerment quite a lot; which the dictionary would define as the process of giving people power and status in a particular situation and the NMC would say is a vital part of the fundamental standards for nursing. This week represents the start of the next chapter inContinue reading “The importance of empowerment to my nursing journey”

Considering the Potential Resurgence of Eugenics

Recent world events have quite rightly caused me, and much of the rest of society, to consider our relative privileged status. And reflect on the fact that minorities within society face significant challenges in their lives that many people may not even have realised existed.  Pleasingly this seems to have led to an increase inContinue reading “Considering the Potential Resurgence of Eugenics”