Here comes 2021.

Those that know me can assure you that I am generally an optimist. However,  just like everyone else, 2020 has pushed this personality trait to its limits. Not only have I just completed my nursing degree and taken a new post during the pandemic, but the lack of socialising with family and friends has really taken its toll on me.

However, the small action that made a big change that I experienced on Wednesday was I received the first of my two COVID- 19 vaccinations. I know people have their trepidation about receiving the vaccine, and each to their own. But, I see it as a step in the right direction.

During the summer, when people were saying roll on 2021, I was struggling to see 2021 being any different to 2020, but I now have hope that we are making progress to a safer future. These small steps are bringing back my sense of optimism. I can now see a future in which I’ll be able to hug my mum, something I dearly long for; to go to the gigs I have been anticipating since 2019, and the eagerly anticipating the celebrations that are sure to arise when we are all finally able to socialise.

As I am just three weeks into my new post as an NQN in a Coronary Care Unit, I am still finding my feet on the ward. I am genuinely grateful to the staff that have been amazing in making me feel welcome and taking the time to teach me the skills I didn’t necessarily come across as a student. And it’s helping me grow in confidence. Its the little nods of encouragement, hearty well done, and the socially distanced high fives from very experienced staff that keep me excited about my next shift! A feeling I can use to show passion about my job, and hopefully, share the joy with the patients I care for.

Happy New Year!


Published by RCN Newly Qualified Nurses

The voice of newly qualified nurses within the Royal College of Nursing. Providing support from six months pre-registration throughout preceptorship.

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