The surprising impact of a bag of carrots.

In what seems to be a theme with this week’s #SmallActionsBigChanges blogs I initially wasn’t sure what to write about, and then it came to me – a bag of carrots!

One of the best things about this year for me has been seeing how my local community has reacted to the unexpected challenges we have all faced. A group at my local church had been providing soup and sandwiches to vulnerable and lonely people in our community once a week. On the first day of the lockdown they decided they needed to do more, and as a consequence they have provided soup and sandwiches Monday to Friday for up to 60 people free of charge; that’s over 6000 rounds of sandwiches.

Some people in that group, along with others, have been working for three years with local refugees and asylum seekers. At the start of lockdown, 50 asylum seekers were placed in a local hotel that was closed because of lockdown. It became apparent that they had very little food provided, and so the group began to provide hot, culturally friendly meals; again free of charge, and have tried to help them with their issues.

If that wasn’t enough for this week, I was struck by a third impact. At the end of Sunday’s church service, a local guy turned up. He has mental health problems and has faced lots of challenges in his life. He came to tell us that he had been made homeless and had lost his medication. Within minutes a large bowl of soup appeared and whilst he had his first hot meal in a couple of days, lots of people got on with sorting out his issues.

So, where I hear you ask, does the bag of carrots come into it? Well, this work has only been possible because of people making donations of everything from food to time. You might not have the time to volunteer, but just by giving a bag of carrots to a similar organisation near you might just change someone’s life.    



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