There is many in each one of us.

Admittedly when I finally sat down to write my blog, I had conflicting ideas of what I wanted to write about. But when I reflect on my nursing journey, it does take me back to my first week at university. During induction, we had nursing lecturers come and tell us that we had entered a profession that would see us earn many connections for life. Although sceptical, but hopeful, at the time, I am now a firm believer of this notion. I have ventured in many jobs before nursing, and I have yet to feel as connected as I have while I have been on my nursing journey. Let me explain!

A student nurse must go through three or four years of training and needless to say these years are some of the most challenging years that most of us experience. But nobody tells you that when you start your nursing course, life will not stop and will keep happening regardless.  As tough as it has been there has always been another student nurse or nurse that I can speak to regardless of where they are studying and whether we are complete strangers. We all seem to have similar experiences and personalities in that we are just so caring. Sharing my experiences is not only an honour but also a great privilege that gives me the strength to carry on, which always makes things a little bit easier knowing that wherever I may go, I will always find my tribe, “The nursing tribe”.

Training as a nurse has changed me; finding a voice, not only for myself but has also taught me how to be there for others, and sometimes this just requires listening. So when I talk about #smallactionsbigchanges, this reflects exactly that. The small actions taken by my fellow nursing students and nurses alike have made a big change in my life.

During this Covid pandemic, the fact that there were so many of us facing the same giant gave me the strength to continue, because I saw such wonderful examples of people coming together to fight a common enemy. Small actions such as checking on your colleagues, connecting on social media, and hearing about all these wonderful things that others are doing only gives me more strength to carry on. I say carry on because many of us are struggling with the stress that comes with working during the pandemic and trust me, I cannot count how many sleepless nights I have had due to this.

So what’s my advice? Just keep helping each other out to get through that shift, lost patient, or recovery, because the more of you, the less the burden it is. These acts of kindness resonate with me, especially when I think of the ones we have lost during this time, and the people they’ve left behind.

Often, I think of them and hope that their loved ones have people stepping up to help like the people they lost stepped up. The act of kindness that got a patient through the worst time of their lives, the nurse who held a hand when needed and continued to give the love and care that comes with nursing.

So, every day let us ask ourselves what small action you took to make a big change in somebody else’s life today. The more of us that do it, the more bearable life will be. And please do feel free to share with us at @RCNNQN, because you never know who you are inspiring. Do not forget you never know who needs it somewhere in this world at that very moment you took the step to share. In turn, if you ever feel down, reach out! You have the whole nursing tribe behind you.



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The voice of newly qualified nurses within the Royal College of Nursing. Providing support from six months pre-registration throughout preceptorship.

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