I thought I would write about a small action that I do which creates big changes in my own life for the #SmallActionsBigChanges challenge. As we know, when times are tough, it’s important to look after ourselves as well as our patients and colleagues. I know it’s a bit of a cliché, but self-care really is not selfish; if you crumble, so will your ability to help others. In essence, this action also creates a lot of positivity, which is what we at RCNNQN are trying to achieve with this series of blogs.

The small action I am talking about is practising gratitude. Every morning, shortly after I wake up, I either write or say out loud three things that I am grateful for. It’s a simple thing and takes about three mins. The idea is, the more you practice gratitude the more you will be able to fully enjoy positive feelings and combat negative ones. It is suggested that the more you consciously consider what you are grateful for, the more you will notice these positive things in everyday life. Through this greater sense of gratitude and positivity, you increase your feelings of self-worth, become more resilient and have stronger relationships.

Why don’t you give it a go? You could practice gratitude solo, with your partner over a nice cup of tea, or with the whole family over the breakfast table. You could be grateful for everyday things, something grand, something exciting, or something abstract. It really doesn’t matter what you focus on. Soon you realise you have so much to be grateful for; the wonderful cup of tea you are drinking, the love of your partner, your freedom, the roof over your head, making it onto the register, your colleague who gave you her last biscuit, the time you have dedicated to self-care, the vegetables you will have for dinner, the light shining through the window, the fact that you are not outside in the rain.

If you really think about it, the more you will realise you have lots to be grateful for, and positivity is all around us.



Published by RCN Newly Qualified Nurses

The voice of newly qualified nurses within the Royal College of Nursing. Providing support from six months pre-registration throughout preceptorship.

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