Just a minute.

As a member of the RCN Students’ Committee and team member of RCNNQN, writing blogs to share is not a skill that comes easily to me. I was wracking my brains to think of an example that I could give to show “Small Actions = Big Changes”. I believe I have achieved a lot professionally. From since I’ve joined the nursing world, I have done my best to contribute to making the student life better, and now I do so for newly qualified nurses.  However, it was only after I checked in on a friend, that I really realised the impact of this new phrase.

It was a simple text asking how she was doing, but I was not prepared for the answer. Even though I am floored trying to catch up with things before Christmas day descends, I knew I had to call round to see her. She was a mess and physically shaking, trying to make a cuppa. I knew this was a woman at breaking point who needed help. I let her talk things out, and I just sat and listened. I just wanted her to know that I was there for her. Recently, a good friend of mine has started up a local counselling service, so I text her and was able to get my friend in to see them the next day.

The moral of this blog is that it only takes a minute to text someone to check in on them or two minutes to phone them and ask. We are all busy and preoccupied at this time of year, and more so in 2020 than ever. But for all it took to check in on my friend, now hopefully she’ll get the help she needs.

We need to look out for each other, not just professionally, but personally too.

If you are reading this, and you are struggling, please reach out to someone; or if you haven’t spoken to that person in a while, contact them. You never know how much it might mean to them.


Lynsey http://www.twitter.com/lynseyf11

Published by RCN Newly Qualified Nurses

The voice of newly qualified nurses within the Royal College of Nursing. Providing support from six months pre-registration throughout preceptorship.

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