Who Really Understands?

Reflecting back on the excitement I felt when I began my nursing journey. How proud I was being accepted into Queen’s University in Belfast. My family were so proud and supportive of me. Fast forward three years on and although they are still extremely proud of me, I question whether they really understand what my working day involves and how stressful the working day can get? Not just what the working day involves as a Newly Qualified Nurse (two weeks and counting since registration) but the continued learning process that this vocation/profession involves.

I do believe that people around me think that once you’re out in that working world you’re finished, and you can just go in do your work and come home on time. We as NQNs or even experienced nurses know, that just does not happen.

I’m two weeks in and I have a list as long as the handover of training I need to complete. Where in the world will I get the time to do it. Alot of the training is done online, chances are, some of it will have to be done at home. I will need to continue reading up on some of the skills and procedures/diseases that we come across while working. And all this is while running a household and having a social life. Let’s not consider if we have an emergency situation. It can be so mentally exhausting once that adrenaline wears off.

My family and friends will ask “have you had a good day?” I’ll smile and say, “yes it was good”. Who really understands that situation better than your nursing friends?

The moral of the story, have a good support network of nursing friends around you, either in or outside of work. They will understand you like no one else.

Lynsey https://twitter.com/lynseyf11

Published by RCN Newly Qualified Nurses

The voice of newly qualified nurses within the Royal College of Nursing. Providing support from six months pre-registration throughout preceptorship.

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